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The Housing and Construction Fund is one of the leading institutions in the state of Khartoum, which is the pioneer in the implementation of the programs of the Ministry of Planning and Urban Development, where the Fund is establishing housing projects ready to believe in the role of these projects in improving the urban environment of citizens. , And these houses are owned by installments ranging from 3 to 12 years depending on the income levels of the citizens.

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  • Dream of the Maoist
  • A film about the housing and reconstruction fund
  • Opening of the apartments of Jawhara Al-awda compound residential
  • Alsafwa residential compound
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Projects implemented in different cities

The Fund has implemented more than 90 thousand housing units in public housing projects and multi-storey buildings and villas in the three cities of the state exceeded the 5000 apartments and villas

screenshots within various projects

public housing
Economic housing
Investment housing

Our Services

Housing and Construction Fund provides housing services to suit all categories as follows

Investment housing

Villas and apartments with different finishing levels The Housing Fund applies the tripartite housing methodology approved by the World Bank at the 1978 Vancouver Conference and the World Urban Forum in Istanbul, 1997-2003.

Economic housing

It is housing with the same specifications of popular housing with different method of maturity, which is not applicable to the conditions of popular housing

public housing

The fund carries out the nucleus of the house (room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet) with a fence, which is for people with limited income and with limited entitlements ...

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public housing 0120737349
Investment housing 0155154269
Economic housing 0183768570
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